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Amnennar TBC - Alliance Amnennar TBC - Horde
Anathema TBC - Alliance Anathema TBC - Horde
Arcanite Reaper TBC - Alliance Arcanite Reaper TBC - Horde
Arugal TBC - Alliance Arugal TBC - Horde
Ashbringer TBC - Alliance Ashbringer TBC - Horde
Ashkandi TBC - Alliance Ashkandi TBC - Horde
Atiesh TBC - Alliance Atiesh TBC - Horde
Auberdine TBC - Alliance Auberdine TBC - Horde
Azuresong TBC - Alliance Azuresong TBC - Horde

Benediction TBC - Alliance Benediction TBC - Horde
Bigglesworth TBC - Alliance Bigglesworth TBC - Horde
Blaumeux TBC - Alliance Blaumeux TBC - Horde
Bloodfang TBC - Alliance Bloodfang TBC - Horde
Bloodsail Buccaneers TBC - Alliance Bloodsail Buccaneers TBC - Horde

Celebras TBC - Alliance Celebras TBC - Horde

Deviate Delight TBC - Alliance Deviate Delight TBC - Horde
Dragonfang TBC - Alliance Dragonfang TBC - Horde
Dreadmist TBC - Alliance Dreadmist TBC - Horde

Earthfury TBC - Alliance Earthfury TBC - Horde
Earthshaker TBC - Alliance Earthshaker TBC - Horde
Everlook TBC - Alliance Everlook TBC - Horde

Faerlina TBC - Alliance Faerlina TBC - Horde
Fairbanks TBC - Alliance Fairbanks TBC - Horde
Felstriker TBC - Alliance Felstriker TBC - Horde
Finkle TBC - Alliance Finkle TBC - Horde
Firemaw TBC - Alliance Firemaw TBC - Horde
Flamelash TBC - Alliance Flamelash TBC - Horde

Gandling TBC - Alliance Gandling TBC - Horde
Gehennas TBC - Alliance Gehennas TBC - Horde
Golemagg TBC - Alliance Golemagg TBC - Horde
Grobbulus TBC - Alliance Grobbulus TBC - Horde

Harbinger of Doom TBC - Alliance Harbinger of Doom TBC - Horde
Heartseeker TBC - Alliance Heartseeker TBC - Horde
Heartstriker TBC - Alliance Heartstriker TBC - Horde
Herod TBC - Alliance Herod TBC - Horde
Hydraxian Waterlords TBC - Alliance Hydraxian Waterlords TBC - Horde

Incendius TBC - Alliance Incendius TBC - Horde

Judgement TBC - Alliance Judgement TBC - Horde

Kirtonos TBC - Alliance Kirtonos TBC - Horde
Kromcrush TBC - Alliance Kromcrush TBC - Horde
Kurinnaxx TBC - Alliance Kurinnaxx TBC - Horde

Lakeshire TBC - Alliance Lakeshire TBC - Horde
Loatheb TBC - Alliance Loatheb TBC - Horde
Lucifron TBC - Alliance Lucifron TBC - Horde

Mandokir TBC - Alliance Mandokir TBC - Horde
Mankrik TBC - Alliance Mankrik TBC - Horde
Mirage Raceway TBC - Alliance Mirage Raceway TBC - Horde
Mograine TBC - Alliance Mograine TBC - Horde
Myzrael TBC - Alliance Myzrael TBC - Horde

Nethergarde Keep TBC - Alliance Nethergarde Keep TBC - Horde
Netherwind TBC - Alliance Netherwind TBC - Horde
Noggenfogger TBC - Alliance Noggenfogger TBC - Horde

Old Blanchy TBC - Alliance Old Blanchy TBC - Horde

Pagle TBC - Alliance Pagle TBC - Horde
Patchwerk TBC - Alliance Patchwerk TBC - Horde
Pyrewood Village TBC - Alliance Pyrewood Village TBC - Horde

Rattlegore TBC - Alliance Rattlegore TBC - Horde
Razorfen TBC - Alliance Razorfen TBC - Horde
Razorgore TBC - Alliance Razorgore TBC - Horde
Remulos TBC - Alliance Remulos TBC - Horde
Retro TBC - Alliance Retro TBC - Horde

Shazzrah TBC - Alliance Shazzrah TBC - Horde
Skeram TBC - Alliance Skeram TBC - Horde
Skullflame TBC - Alliance Skullflame TBC - Horde
Smolderweb TBC - Alliance Smolderweb TBC - Horde
Stalagg TBC - Alliance Stalagg TBC - Horde
Stonespine TBC - Alliance Stonespine TBC - Horde
Sulfuras TBC - Alliance Sulfuras TBC - Horde
Sulfuron TBC - Alliance Sulfuron TBC - Horde

Ten Storms TBC - Alliance Ten Storms TBC - Horde
Thalnos TBC - Alliance Thalnos TBC - Horde
Thunderfury TBC - Alliance Thunderfury TBC - Horde
Transcendence TBC - Alliance Transcendence TBC - Horde

Venoxis TBC - Alliance Venoxis TBC - Horde

Westfall TBC - Alliance Westfall TBC - Horde
Whitemane TBC - Alliance Whitemane TBC - Horde
Windseeker TBC - Alliance Windseeker TBC - Horde
Wyrmthalak(3мейталак) TBC - Alliance Wyrmthalak(3мейталак) TBC - Horde

Yojamba TBC - Alliance Yojamba TBC - Horde

Zandalar Tribe TBC - Alliance Zandalar Tribe TBC - Horde

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