Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Are You ? 
A: (1) MMogoldbuy.COM Is a Diversified Service Provider Operating The World’s Largest Secure Network Of Buying And Selling Sites For Massively Multi Player Online Game (MMOG) Virtual Currency And Assets On The Internet.
(2) MMogoldbuy.COM Serves For Concentrating All Of Our Single Game Website, Guiding Customers Who Change Playing Other Games To Continuously Purchasing Other Game Gold Currency Off Our Website.
(3) MMogoldbuy, One Of The Most Successful International Internet Online Game Gold Currency And Service Traders With Highly Honor And Reputation. We Are Supplying All Kind Of Game Gold Currency And Services, Including Golds, Coins, Credits, Power Leveling, Items And Etc.
(4) We Always Thinks FAITH & SERVICE The First And Most Important .We Always Devote Ourselves To Make Our Customers/Clients Enjoy Their Happy Internet Game Gold Trade Journeys With The LOWEST Price That Who Can Never Imagine. You Can Never Find Out Such a Website With Cheap Price And High Praises From Every Customer's Feedback.
Q: How Many Kind Of Game Golds You Are Selling Now ?
A: NOW We Are Selling Many Kinds Of Multiplayer Online Game Gold Such As, FIFA 15 Coins, FIFA World Coins, Archeage Gold, World Of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Age Of Conan, Everquest, Everquest 2, Final Fantasy XI, Lineage 2 And Etc.
Q: How Many Kind Of Fifa Coins You Are Selling Now ?
A: NOW We Are Selling Many Kinds Of Coins:
NHL 15Coins, On PS3/PS4/XBOX 360/XBOX ONE
FIFA World PC Coins.
Q: How Do I Know You'Re Legit?
A: This Is The Most Frequently Question. Understandably So, COINSUT Is a Professionally Run Business Working Throughout The Week, We Do Not Cut Corners. For Confirmation From Our Happy Customers Who Have Previously Bought From Us You Can Check Out Their Genuine Feedback By Clicking On Our Fief Tab In The Bottom Left Hand Corner Of Your Screen.As For Payment Protection, We Use The Most Secured 2048-Bit Secured SSL Encryption Which Means None Of Your Payment Details Can Be Intercepted Or Decrypted.
Q: How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Coins/Golds?
A: We Deliver The Coins/Golds As Fast As Humanly Possible! We Average Delivery Times Between 1-5 Minutes If You Pay Now !
Q: How Can I Receive Coins/Golds Fastly And Easily ?
A: To Receive Coins Fastly And Easily, You Are Advised To:
1. Register As Member At The Website Top In Order To Track Your Order Status.
2. Make Order And List Player According To The Following Tips,
3. If Not Received The COINS After 6 Hours , You Please Login Member Or Go To Fifavips.Com To Track Your Order Status.
Q: For FIFA 15 COINS, Will You Cover EA's 5% Tax ?
A: Unfortunately, No, The Price On Our Site Have Been So Cheap In The World.
So If You Buy 50k Coins Then You Will Receive 47.5k (Due To EA's Unfair Taxing System).
So ( We NOT Cover EA Tax )  , Buy Now Price 500K =Your Order Price 500K
Q: What Are The Tips Of Make Order And List FIFA 15 Player?
A: 1. Make Sure Player Server Again : (PS34/Xbox/PC/IOS /Android)
2. Make Sure Yours FUT Team Name: (Auction House→Top Left)
----The FUT Team Name Is NOT The Name Of The Player’s Club, But Your Self-Chosen Name Of Your Own Team.
3. Player Start Price = Special Bid Price, Like:【16,250 Or 16,750】
4. Make Sure Player Buy Now Price = Order Price 【We NOT Cover EA Tax】
5. Make Sure Player Duration Must =【3 Days】, How Many Hours Now Left ??
Q: What Payment Options Are Available?
A: Currently We Accept:
(1) Paypal, 
(2) Credit Card Via Paypal (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover And US Domestic Cards And Etc.)
(3) Credit Card/Master Card Via Alipay,
(4) Western Union.
Q: Do I Need a Skrill/Moneybookers Account To Pay Through Moneybookers?
A: No You Do Not, Which Is Great! This Means That You Can Pay As a Guest Account (Much Like You Can Do With Paypal) Through Moneybookers's Quick Checkout Service.
Q: Can I Get a Refund If My Coins Aren't Delivered Within 24 Hours?
A: Yes Of Course You Can. If For Some Reason We Do Not Manage To Deliver Your Coins To You Within 24 Hours Then Please Email Us Here And Either Request a Full Refund Or Ask For An Update On Where Your Order Is.
Q: Can I Ask For Refund If You Didn't Make The Delivery In a Timely Manner?
A: Yes, You Can. If We Cannot Deliver It Within 24 Hours, We Will Refund Your Payment Immediately. If You Have Any Questions, Please Can Contact Us.
Q: What Are The Possible Reasons For Delay?
A: A Delay In Shipping Can Be Due To Various Reasons Such As Technical Errors Like Internet Down, Incorrect Or Insufficient Information Provided. Therefore, It Is Very Important That You Supply Us With a Valid Email Address. We Will Not Give Your Information To a Third Party.
Q: If You Are Out Of Stock, When Will You Have More?
A: We Are Rarely Out Of Stock But In An Unlikely Case That We Are Then The Chances Are We'Re Already Contacting Our Sellers To Purchase More For You To Buy. After All, We'Re Only The Middleman Between The Buyers And Sellers
FIFA 15 COINS Disclaimer And Important Delivery Notice:
(1) Normally , We Would Only Buy Every Player According To Your Order Player Details. Once
We Have Bought The Player , Your Order Is Completed . 
(2) Our Website Is Not Responsible For All Of The Reasons Because Of Buyer Fill In Incorrect Player Details. If Happens, Buyer Should Take All The Responsibility Himself/Herself. 
2. We Often Preferentially Delivering Coins Of Such Orders :
(1) Western Union Orders With NO WAITING ! NO AUDITING !
(2) Orders That Have Passed Audits And Identity Confirmation
(3) Bigger Orders Like 100+ USD.
(4) If Emergently Need Coins, Please Contact Email Box :
Saying : I Want Emergent Coins + Order Number + Paypal Email Address. 
Q: Why i Have Not Receive My FIFA 15 FUT COINS ?
A: If Not Receive Coins , You Should Check Order Status → Then You Will Know Why Not Receive Coins.
Q: How To Track My Order ?
A: After Pay , You Can Go To The Register Part (Top /Right Middle Side Of Our Website) Click → My Order. 
Q: What Are The Bacis Reasons If I Have Not Received Coins ?
A: Not Received Coins Often Caused By These Reasons:
(1) Audit Order = We Need Further Confirming Buyer Identity. That Maybe Your Payment Have Not Approved Our Verification. 
(2) Problem Order = Incorrect Player Details, Which Need 100% Same With Your Player.
(3) Processing Order =We Are Buying Coins In The Order Queues Normally Within 30 Mins. 
Somtimes We Have 1000 Orders/Hour And Staffs Are Too Busy. So Every Customer Please Wait 
Patiently. (If Busy, Less Than 12 Hours).
(4) Want Refund =Please Not Dispute!  And Send 1 Email To Us With Order Number, Paypal Email Address(Refund Often Processing Within 1 Working Day).
(5) If Emergenctly Need Coins, Please Contact  Email Box( ) : Saying : I Want Emergently Need Coins + Order Number + Paypal Email Address. 
Q: What Is My Order Status ?
A: Order Status Shows Your Order Now Belonging Wto Which Process. 
Q: What Are The Meaning Of My Order Status ?
====Auditing : That Maybe Your Payment Have Not Approved Our Verification. We Need To Confirm Buyer's Identity Or Need Confirm By Phone Call To Us :
Subject : Audit Order + Order Number + Paypal Email Address. 
(1) Buyer Need Contact Email Box ( ) To Confirm Buyer's Identity By Sending 2-3 ID Photos
(2) Buyer Need Phone Call 0086-13389653886 To Confirm Buyer's Identity 
====Processing: Our Deliverer Are Buying Your Player In The Orders Queue
(1) Normally, We Can Fulfil 90% Of Buyer's Player Within 30 Minutes.
(2) Somtimes We Have 1000 Orders/Hour And Staffs Are Too Busy. So Every Customer Please 
Wait Patiently. (If Busy, Less Than 12 Hours).
(3) If Emergently Need Coins, Please Contact  Email Box ( :
Saying : I Want Emergently Need Coins + Order Number + Paypal Email Address. 
====Problem Order: 
(1) Incorrect Player Details → Need Send Us 100% Correct Player Details/Photos
(2) Incorrect FUT  Team Name → Need Confirm
(3) Incorrect Player Name → Need Confirm
(4) Incorrect Start Price  → Need Confirm
(5) Incorrect Buy Now Price → Need Confirm
(6) Player Expired → Need Send Us New Auction Player Details/Photos
(7) Many Same Player → Need List Another Different Player
-----Send Us 100% Correct Auction Player Details/Photos To Our Email Box ( : Subject : Problem Order + Order Number + Paypal Email Address. 
Q: How Do I Sell My FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins?
A: Check Our Website Bottom Page , Then Click : How To Sell . Follow The Instructions.
Q: Do You Exchange FUT Xbox/SP3 Coins For PC Coins And Vice Versa?
A: Yes We Do! This Will Have To Be Completed Manually So If You Would Like To Exchange Coins For Certain Consoles (For a Fee) Please Contact Us. If Still Have Some Questions, Feel Free To Email Us For Any Other Questions.
Q: How To Contact Yours If I Have Not Receive My Coins Within 30 Minutes? 
A: 1. We Suggest You Please Send a Email To Our E-Mail Box 
2. Contact Our : Blue Flying Icon Online Support 
Q: How To Contact You Except This Online Support ?
A: The Below Are Some Email Box Addresses Of Our Customer Services:

Phone    (24 Hours Online): 0086-15215118198
Mailbox (24 Hours Online):
SKYPE    (24 Hours Online):
Contact Us
Contact Us 24 Hours Online
Skype :
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(1) Normally, We Would Only Deliver Gold According To Your Order Details. Once We Have Delivered The Gold, Your Order Is Completed.
(2) Our Website Is Not Responsible For All Of The Reasons Because Of Buyer Using Illegal Leveling And Gold Service, Filling In Incorrect Order Details. If Happens, Buyer Should Take All The Responsibility Himself/Herself.
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