- Will to Live has received mostly positive reviews from players

Will To Live Online is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG produced and distributed by Russian company AlphaSoft LLC. The game is set in a world damaged by a catastrophic and mysterious event clearly inspired by the classics of the nuclear post-apocalyptic genre, especially S.T.A.L.K.E.R, to which there are numerous references. The player will play as one of the many survivors and will have to fight their way through the brutality of wastelands, monsters, animals and other players. The RPG aspect of the gameplay is very accentuated with quests, explorations, level progression, and a well-structured skill tree, PVP wars and much more. The analysis of the game and all its aspects was done on Alpha 0.49.5, available in Early Access.

The game has received mostly positive reviews from players. Some gamers even compare Will To Live Online with the Stalker series, in particular, in terms of the atmosphere and style of the open world.

In Will To Live’s world, society is beginning again, between the monsters and the radiation zones. Play is built in part around hunting and trading resources with other players.

“We emphasise the social interrelations between the players,” game designer Maxim Karsten tells us. “There can be conflicts, or uniting into clans, or something else.”

In addition to fighting, free exploration of the world without being tied to any mission is also a viable activity, but you will have to face enemies well beyond your level and therefore you may not be able to continue. In the game world there are also merchants to sell and buy equipment and the auction house to sell their items to players, there is also the activity of collecting rare and precious resources to collect some Tokens, such as collecting mushrooms, chamomile flowers or cutlery scattered in various crates scattered around the maps are a great way to make money fast.

With minimal edits to Unreal Engine 4’s source code, AlphaSoft programmed their own solution for carving the map into playable segments. By splitting their world up, they only need to support the co-existence of 500 creatures in a given area.

Overall, the game is fun, both solo and in company, and, for an early access Alpha, it has a lot of content to offer and hundreds of hours of guaranteed fun. If the developers continue to listen to the community as they are doing at the moment and to add content while improving the game more and more, in the future there will be a game that will fill the void left by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in the hearts of fans, but in multiplayer version: a dream for those who love the naked and raw post apocalyptic.

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