- We have curated a Destiny Child guide to clear your doubts about the game

Destiny Child is one of the most polished gacha games / idle RPGs on the market right now, offering addicting daily gameplay, and a wealth of content coming out all the time! There’s too much going on – deep progression systems, varied battle modes & constant challenges. This Destiny Child guide aims to clear out any confusions for new players, and help veterans get more out of their account.

Despite the awesome visuals of this game, Destiny Child has many aspects that could seem confusing at first, which is a shame since it’s a very good title, and definitely one of our top picks for best gacha games. For this reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a guide explaining what each and every button of the main menu does so that you can understand which tasks are important early on, and which are better left for later.

Childs in Destiny Child
Let’s talk about the “childs” first! Destiny Child uses the term “childs” and not children. These are the main characters or heroes that you have to collect in the game. And your goal is to upgrade and strengthen them.

Child Type
Now, let’s get to know about the child types in the game. There are 5 different child types and given below are the roles of every child in any battle:

Attacker: inflicts the most damage
Supporter: provides strength to the team
Debuffer: Massively curses the enemies
Defender: Soaks up the most amount of damage
Healer: Heals the squad

Keep in mind that you can play in a team of 5 childs. And so, the most effective way to do the same is by having one child of each type. But, you can always mix things up as per your situation.

Child Combining (Leveling)
The easiest way to make your Childs stronger, is by leveling them up – the option named “Combine”.

This way, you can choose any other childs to use as fodder, and level up your main child. You can safely use any 1-star and 2-star childs for this reason, as well as the special EXP monsters you get from daily Event Dungeons that provide Level-up materials.

The max level of your childs is restricted on their star level (rarity):

    1-Star – Max Level 10
    2-Stars – Max Level 20
    3-Stars – Max Level 30
    4-Stars – Max Level 40
    5-Stars – Max Level 50
    6-Stars – Max Level 60

There is also a Fever Skill, which can be used when you fill its bar by using Drive Skills during battle. Then you have 15 seconds of Fever time, where you can tap a Child’s portrait as fast as possible, and dish out a ton of damage. Make sure to tap the Child that has the highest raw DPS output in your team.

In order to level up Skills, you need Onyx Crystals – a lot of them. You will get a ton of Onyx Crystals if you do your dailies, so no need to worry too much, just make sure you focus your Skill Upgrade efforts to your most important childs first.

These were all the basic details about childs and the child menu options that you need to know. Hopefully, you’ve understood all the things mentioned in this Destiny Child guide. Once you’re done with the same, you can move forward to understand battle modes, shops, raids, bosses, and so on.

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