- The Aion Classic release date, June 23, according to NCSoft, concerns only the Americas

Well, this was a bit unexpected and might seem a bit early, but it seems that now that they’ve announced the launch date — which, admittedly isn’t that far off — for Aion Classic, they’re really ready to get things rolling. So, starting today, following standard Aion server maintenance, those interested in getting a taste of old-school Aion can get a jump on things by picking out their server, creating a character, and reserving their name.

Although the official website describes the western version as a 'Global Service', only America is stated by name. It's possible some other publisher, such as Gameforge, would be responsible for a European launch.

It is worth noting that the release date, June 23, according to NCSoft, concerns only the Americas, that is, whoever is on this side of the Atlantic will be able to check the game. Another important point is the fact that the game will be free-to-play, but will have a subscription model, as well as battle passes. Finally, the developer confirmed that the progression and evolution of the game will follow a moderate pace, in order to keep up with the original title and keep both properly updated and attractive. In short, if you enjoyed Aion during the first years of the game's life, the debut of Aion Classic will be a way to revisit that era and ensure a few more good hours of fun. If you want to know more about the title, just visit its official website.

Is a Classic server worth it? In 2019 WoW released its Classic server and celebrated a great success with it. WoW is said to have had the greatest growth in new subscriptions with the Classic release. WoW Classic is now firmly established and with Burning Crusade received the first expansion in June.

As noted in the earlier announcement, the Classic Aion server will be a bit different from other classic MMO offerings in that it will have a free-to-play option. So those interested can try it out and not have to worry about any lost money if they don’t like it.

Aion Classic will launch in the Americas on June 23, and Founders Packs are now available. For full details on pricing, please visit the official Aion Classic website.

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