- How to Complete the Fallout 76 Queen of the Hunt Drop Quest

To start the Fallout 76 Waste Not daily quest, you simply need to visit the Red Rocket Mega Stop. The first objective will direct you to a marked maintenance terminal. On this machine, which can be found in the Mega Stop's garage, read the ALERTS, topic. This will mark several locations on your map. In each of these areas, you will be able to find a Red Rocket Protectron; a variant model of the standard protectron emblazoned with the Red Rocket logo and colours. Unfortunately, these robots have long since gone out of control. As such, you need to destroy them.
The choice to go strictly online with no single-player campaign was a risky one from the outset. Without having a huge online multiplayer audience in place, there was no established foundation to build on. By essentially taking away the way many fans had played the series for years, Bethesda took a huge gamble. In this instance, it lost.
Fallout 76 isn't a good-looking game except when viewed from the exact right angles, with quests and tasks that feel like chasing ghosts. Check out our web page: Fallout 76 Caps. Every Bethesda game is known for being buggy, but all reports suggest Fallout 76 is simply stuffed with bugs. Bugs, everywhere. Many of these can be resolved by quitting and relaunching the game, but since there is no server browser, you can't rejoin a server you just left. This means any actions you take that were server-specific are reset upon quitting and re-entering the game. 
Fallout 76 Waste
But once you reach level five, you can start striking out at your fellow vault dwellers. Definitely been the target of less-than-friendly fire on several occasion. The ensuing damage was relatively minimal, unless decided to strike back then it was likely to turn into War of the Roses: Wasteland Edition. If you crave player-vs. player action, there's a radio station on your Pip Boy that'll help you find new opponents.
In addition to weight and backpack space, you'll also have to manage your character's hunger and thirst. If you become dehydrated or starving, you'll reduce the amount of stamina you have for running and jumping as well as the weight you can carry, which leads to even more difficult choices over what to do with all the crap you've been hoarding.
This inventory juggling is at direct odds with the single most identifiable theme of Fallout 76, which is to take everything that isn't bolted down. Fallout 76 encourages nonstop pilfering in order to craft equipment and build a home. But there isn't enough space to effectively accomplish this. Each player has a permanent stash that can store 400 lbs. worth of items. Bethesda is raising this limit to 600 lbs. on December 4. It's not nearly enough. Everyone is brimming with stuff and nowhere to put it. It's dispiriting to play this game the way it funnels you toward playing, only to put yourself in the constantly uncomfortable position of needing to ditch things that seem valuable.
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