- Apex Legends Would Appear to be Growing Much Faster

It's not for everyone, but Respawn has introduced a number of features that help make it accessible to all skill levels. Safety is relative to your family's opinions, and there's no guarantees that you won't be paired with a surly teammate or mic abuser, but generally, my experience has been positive. Some things to note: Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale game from the creators of Titanfall, has just passed 25 million registered players after just one week since its release, developer Respawn Entertainment announced this afternoon. The milestone shows just how explosively popular the game has become in such a short time; just three days after release, Apex Legends passed 10 million players.
Respawn's Apex Legends is a huge hit. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Buy Apex Legends Apex Coins, you could call us at our own webpage. The free-to-play battle royale shooter is closing out its second week since release, and it's still retaining its top spot on the Twitch leaderboards following its successful first e-sports event. Top streamers like Ninja and Shroud continue to play the game on a daily basis, and it's looking like it could have a healthy life as a top-tier competitive game if Respawn puts the resources into building out a proper tournament structure. But one element of the game that may affect its long-term popularity is its business model, with many players worried that Apex's in-game prices are too expensive.
Despite the future uncertainty, what the numbers say now is that Twitch viewers want to watch their favorite streamers play something other than Fortnite. And Apex could be able to navigate several issues that prevented Fortnite’s esports scene from taking off. In Fortnite, you can buy different parachutes that drop your character onto the battlefield. You can also buy different character costumes and different axes, which you use to chop wood for resources. These can also be earned by playing the game, so you don't always have to pay for stuff. You buy all of this stuff with Fortnite Bucks.
This game has hit me right in the dopamine receptors (ask my family). Sometimes, my team is wiped out seconds after landing. Sometimes, we'll survive all the way to the end. In any case, for most of us, a game doesn't last more than 10 minutes. If you're out within a minute, it's easy to say just one more game. And if you make it close to the end, you're feeling confident enough to try a repeat performance.
Now, of course, the game is free and available on consoles and PC, which makes these milestones not easily comparable to standard video game sales. But, compared with its biggest competitor Fortnite, Apex Legends would appear to be growing much faster, at least in this early stretch. Epic Games, the developers behind Fortnite, gave out the very first metrics for its battle royale hit in January 2018, when Fortnite had 45 million registered players across console and PC after roughly four months on the market.
As a free-to-play title, Apex Legends has to generate revenue somehow, and the best way to do that in an online multiplayer game is to borrow concepts from popular titles like Fortnite and Overwatch. That means letting players spend real money for character costumes, weapon skins, and various other collectibles that don't affect gameplay, but make you look cool or unique while you play.
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